Things to Consider When Building A Greenhouse

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A home built greenhouse can be a great project to work on yourself or for the whole family to complete together. What’s more, it is a practical gardening tool and building one yourself can be a cheap way to get a greenhouse for your back yard. Before you start building a greenhouse yourself, there are a few things you must take into consideration for a building project of this scale.

How to Build a Cheap Greenhouse

The cost of building a greenhouse yourself should usually be lower than if you bought a ready made greenhouse kit from a store. This is one of the advantages of building it yourself over buying a kit, but will only be valid if you have sourced the materials as cheaply as possible. A good tip to keep building materials for your greenhouse down is to find the materials you need for free. Many people have found that old windows can be used to build their greenhouse from and make a very cost effective and efficient greenhouse. These can usually be found for free at recycling centres or from builders waste from when they are working on a restoration project. On rare occasions there may be a small price involved for buying these, but if the price is right it is definitely well worth it and much cheaper than buying the glass and metal materials new. Another important material that must be purchased when using recycled materials is usually some form of sealant suitable for building project because old windows and even glass doors are not well insulated and require any gaps that may be present to be filled and prevent cold air from getting into the greenhouse. Plastic can be bought new at a low price. Some plastic greenhouses only use a large sheet of this over a basic wooden frame and this serves its purpose of keeping heat in and allowing light through very well so it never has to be expensive to source the necessary items for building a greenhouse at home.

Build Your Own Greenhouse With Additional Features

Does the greenhouse you are building require any form of heating? The location of the greenhouse is a prime consideration when building a greenhouse for many reasons, particularly if you are planning on running any form of electrically powered appliances such as greenhouse heaters or even an automated water supply. The position of the greenhouse must also be considered due to necessary sunlight which must be focused on the greenhouse. Make sure that the greenhouse is positioned away from any large trees or other features of your garden which may block the natural sunlight that falls on the rest of your back yard. In cases where additional features like these are required it is important to do enough planning before going ahead and actually building a greenhouse in your back garden.

If you are planning to be working in your greenhouse for large periods of time, you must consider when building a greenhouse if you are going to have space for appropriate seating. Greenhouse shelving is a great thing to put up because it can save space and you can fit much more into the building, thus making it more efficient.

Building a Greenhouse On a Budget

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Gardening and DIY can be so rewarding. It can be an even greater achievement to build something in your back garden that not only looks good and serves a useful purpose, but also was constructed cheaply and with as little costs involved as possible. One such project is building a greenhouse yourself in your garden. This can be surprisingly cheap when the right materials are found at a discount price and is completely feasible when you know where to look to find the parts you need to build your own greenhouse.

How to Build a Greenhouse – Getting The Materials

Since the main material involved in building a greenhouse for your back garden will usually be glass if this is your preference or your greenhouse plans specify as such. One good way to source glass cheaply or even for free is to use old windows and glass doors. These provide both the framework and the clear material for the main part of the greenhouse. These can be picked up at a local recycling centre or can often be seen advertised in a local publication such as a paper or even a community notice board. These can be put together to form the main structure and can even be used to put together the lean to model of greenhouse also. It is important when using this form of material for building a greenhouse to make sure that it is properly insulated this can be done by applying sealant to the edges of the windows and doors to make sure that as little heat as possible can escape.

One potential cost when building a greenhouse yourself can be incurred when trying to build a large construction rather than a medium or small sized garden building can be the cost of additional labour. One reason for this is that a large greenhouse is a significant building and requires a proper and solid foundation of concrete. For a large greenhouse this would require the services of a builder who can lay the required amount of concrete in your back garden professionally if you do not know how to build a greenhouse foundation yourself. The problems associated with doing it yourself is that you are unlikely to have the necessary heavy duty tools for digging the ditch for the foundation in your garden, additionally it would be difficult to handle the large amount of concrete required for building a greenhouse of such a scale.

The location of the greenhouse will also be important to the overall price of the building project. It is possible to eliminate some of the costs of the materials by only building 2 or 3 of the sides of the greenhouse and using the lean to greenhouse plan. This involves building a greenhouse on the side of your house, keeping in mind that it must allow enough sunlight to shine through the glass and onto the plants inside. Another consideration for the location is the level of the ground. All greenhouse plans will tell you that it is important to find a level area of ground on which to lay the necessary foundations and then start building a greenhouse on.